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Sharing Christmas

Reflection on Luke 2: verse 8-20 For the Crib service at All Saints' Church Rome

Can you imagine what that must have been like for the shepherds? Being in the fields, caring for their sheep, it’s night, it’s dark, and all of a sudden an angel appears. The shepherds are scared, I would be too! Would you be scared? And then this angel says, I have good news! And he is talking about Baby Jesus being born. Now that is good news isn’t it!

So they get up and decide to travel to visit the baby. And when they see him, they were so happy! And they shared the Good News that the angel had told them. And when they traveled back to their sheep, they told others about it.

It is Christmas now, and we always talk about sharing, don’t we? The text talks about sharing the good news, tonight or tomorrow you will share presents, we share food at dinner. That is a lot of sharing. But why would we do that? Why not keep it all to ourselves? It’s so much more fun to keep it all for yourself right? More toys, more food, more time to do what I want. But it also is a bit lonely.

What happens if we share? I have cut out some stars, because, stars are really cool. They are in outer space, they give light, they can even guide the way. If I keep this for myself, only I see it, only I can enjoy it. Yet when I share one with Father Rob. We both have a star, and we can talk about it, we can look at it, how cool is that. I think that is the same with the Good News that the angel was talking about, and when the shepherds told everyone else about Baby Jesus, they shared that good news, and that happiness that they felt. And then something wonderful happens.

Because look, I gave a star to Father Rob. And what if he gives a star to someone else? It started with the one star, but now it is already multiplying, and being shared by more people. Can you image what happens when you share a little bit of what you have with others? And they do that too? Then suddenly a lot of people will share in the happiness, joy and love. Isn’t that great?

Now, I have for every child here, a star. But if you look closely, you see it is not just one star, but it’s 4! One for yourself to keep, and three to give away. Let’s see if we can make everyone in church get a star, or everyone in the family.

----------------------------------chaos ensues----------------------------------

Does everyone have a star? Hold it up! I started with the star, and now everyone has that. How cool is that! And it works in the same way when you are being nice to other people, or sharing time, love, food, presents. Because I am much happier now that everyone has a star, then when I would have kept them all for myself.

And that is the same with everything else. So, when you go home, and have dinner or presents, or watch a christmas movie. Let’s see if we can share a little bit more, give your mum an extra hug. Give your brother or sister a bite of your desert. Ofcourse this year Christmas is a bit different, grandpa or aunts and uncles may not be able to come. Perhaps they will be on Zoom or on the phone.

And that is another way of sharing is talking with family on Zoom even though Zoom is a bit boring. We share our stars by paying attention to those we love, or by putting down your new amazing toy to talk on the phone or computer. And in that way we are still able to share Christmas with others, and spread the happiness and love we want!

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