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In the summer of 2023, Chaja has been selected for training for ordained ministry within the Church of England. She is currently studying with ERMC for a foundation award and her first year of training (2021-2023), and on attachment at Westbury Park Church, St Albans Church in Bristol. Here she is involved in parish life, church activities and general mischief.

From academic year 2023-2024 Chaja is studyin at Westcott House in cambridge for two years. Her placement church for her first year is All Saints church in St Ives.

JANUARY 2024 UPDATE: Chaja has suspended her training for the next 6 months due to health reasons. 

May 2024 UPDATE: Chaja has decided to stop her training completely. She is hoping to return to pursuiing her vocation in the future.


Please see the events calendar for Chaja’s involvement in Church activities and for dates that she is preaching.

Some of her previous sermons and reflections can be found below.


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Most recent writings

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